Another Sneak Peek Inside Our First SaddleBox

Two more awesome equine products that you’ll get in your first SaddleBox!

Great news: SaddleBox is opening up for subscriptions on April 1st . . . just a few short weeks away! And we’re excited to show you two more of the fun equine products that you’ll get when you sign up for our inaugural box (in addition to the cool stuff we’ve already revealed).

This high-quality SaddleBox branded horse brush and unique Epona Golden Glow Hoof Pick will be packed in your first SaddleBox along with plenty of other great equine surprises that you and your horse will love. Are you as excited as we are for our inaugural boxes to launch? We can’t wait!

Here’s another secret: we’re going to include a special bonus gift in the boxes of everyone who signs up to be one of our “founding members” in April. You’ll love what we have planned!

Remember: there’s still time to sign up and enter our lifetime SaddleBox subscription giveaway. Be sure to share the link with all of your horse-loving friends!

About SaddleBox

SaddleBox is the monthly subscription box for horse lovers. Every month, we send our subscribers treats, tack, gear and other great equestrian gifts! You can subscribe right here.

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