Dash the Mini: a Little Horse with a Big Heart

Dash the Miniature Horse

Hi! My name's Dash. I'm the official mascot for SaddleBox, and I live in Ohio with my family. Don't let my size fool you . . . I'm a champion show horse, and I've won top prize in lots of miniature horse shows!

The best thing about being SaddleBox's mascot is that my family lets me try all the great stuff they include in the monthly boxes! Check out one of my videos below, and make sure to like my Facebook page.

Trust me: if your horses are anything like me, then they'll love what comes in SaddleBox every month! There's lots of great stuff like treats, grooming products, and even things for humans, too.

Everything included in your monthly SaddleBox subscription is tested by me personally, and my family only includes stuff that gets the Dash Seal of Approval. If I don't like it, it doesn't make the cut!

Go subscribe to SaddleBox today . . . your horse will thank you for it!

- Dash the Mini