More Great Stuff in Your First SaddleBox


Thanks to our founding SaddleBox members!

SaddleBox just launched last week, and we want to give a special THANK YOU to the hundreds of horse lovers who’ve already signed up to be members of our family! (That’s one of our owners, Sharon, in the picture above, with our buddy Kid.)

We’re mailing hand-written thank-you cards to every single person who signs up for SaddleBox to show you how much we appreciate your trust. Have you gotten yours yet? 🙂

More awesome stuff in your first SaddleBox!

In addition to the stuff that you’ll find in every SaddleBox for your horses (things like treats and grooming products) we’re also going include things that horse owners will love, too!

We’re really excited about two of the “horse lover” items that are going to be included in our first SaddleBox: horse-themed wax tart melts from the Grey Horse Candle Company (they smell amazing!) and a copy of The Little Red Book of Horse Wisdom (if you love horses, you’ll love this book).

About SaddleBox

SaddleBox is the monthly subscription box for horse lovers. Every month, we send our subscribers treats, tack, gear and other great equestrian gifts! You can subscribe right here.