These Awesome Equestrian Socks Will Be In July’s SaddleBox

As you know, SaddleBox doesn’t just send you fun stuff for your horse every month . . . we also include things just for horse owners! In July, one of those special horse lover items will be a pair of these amazing Epona Sterling Performance Equestrian Socks.

equestrian socks

These compression weave equestrian socks are the highest quality you can find; they’ll last forever and let you ride your horse in style! Equestrian socks aren’t just stylish, though . . . they give you the perfect compressive support for effortless, effective horseback riding and feel amazing on your feet while you’re in the saddle.

And here’s something extra cool about the Epona Sterling Performance socks: you can use a permanent marker to color customize the silver charms on each sock, so they can be personalized with your favorite shades!

horse riding socks

We’re sure you’ll love these long-lasting, high-quality equestrian socks. Be sure to sign up for SaddleBox before July 1st to get your own pair in our next SaddleBox!


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