3 Fun Ways to Improve Your Horsemanship Away From the Stable

Horsey people are a strange breed; we tend to eat, breathe and sleep all things equine around the clock. Unless you live on a farm, you probably can’t spend all your time with your four legged friends . . . so here are three fun ways to indulge your equine obsession when you’re not at the stables.

1) Learn Equine Anatomy by Coloring In

One thing that will certainly improve your horsemanship is a sound understanding of the horse’s anatomy. A good grasp of the horse’s skeletal structure and muscle helps us to understand how and why they move the way that they do. Also, it will help you quickly identify if something is wrong.

Coloring in has similar benefits to meditation. By sitting quietly with an intent focus on the task at hand, you improve your focus, attention, and awareness. By enhancing our awareness and focus in the present, we can strengthen our relationship with our horse. Horses, being prey animals, are hard wired to be intently aware in each and every moment. Your horse will certainly appreciate you being present in each moment with him.

So, combining the benefits of coloring in and a greater understanding of equine anatomy, it’s a sure-fire way to improve your horsemanship. I love The Horse Anatomy Workbook . . . it makes learning easy and fun!

Horse Anatomy Workbook

2) Dance, Dance Dance!

Dancing is fun, a great way to do some exercise, get fit and music makes us feel happy. Most of all, your horse will benefit from your improved agility, hip mobility, and body awareness. Horses are acutely aware of our body language and dancing is a fun way to develop your body language and the independent movement of the limbs.  Try Salsa; it is great for the hips and oodles of fun.  If you can’t make it to a class try this DVD at home: Salsa: Solo Moves for Beginners

3) Self Reflection

Do a recording of your next training session with your horse and watch it when you get home. Things don’t always look the way they feel, and you may be surprised to find how much you can learn by observing your mistakes. Some of which, you may not even have been aware that you were making.

Becoming conscious of our shortcomings is not easy, but by becoming aware of them, we can do something about them and improve. Once you know what you would like to improve on, visualize the way you would like it to go the next time.

So, make the most of your time away from the barn and have fun.

Till next time, may the horse be with you!

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