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SaddleBox Horses

We LOVE what we do, because we get to make horses and their owners happy! We’re proud to say that every SaddleBox is packed with care by our own team and shipped from our headquarters in northeast Ohio.

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Dedicated to quality.

When you purchase a SaddleBox, your order is packed right here at our own facility, by people who really care about horses. We don’t outsource our shipping like some other pet gift box companies do. We take pride in fulfilling every order!

SaddleBox horse gifts
This is where our happy team packs and ships your horse’s SaddleBox! We’re so proud of where we work.

Happy team members & happy customers

We’re horse lovers, just like you! We started SaddleBox because we wanted to help equestrians spoil their horses with exclusive gourmet treats. Word spread fast about how great SaddleBox is, and today we have a happy team that puts love into every box.

SaddleBox Horses

Fast, reliable shipping & customer service

We send every SaddleBox via USPS Priority Mail, because it’s the fastest and most efficient way to ship to every address in the country. Even if you live in a rural area (like some horse owners do), your SaddleBox will arrive quickly and safely! When someone orders a SaddleBox, our team takes pride in shipping their box the very same day.

SaddleBox delivery
A few of the awesome employees at the United States Postal Service who pick up our shipments every day! These guys do such a great job handling your SaddleBox.
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