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I am telling all my horse friends to order Saddlebox for their horses! It is Awesome. Our horse, Monty, loved it all! After all, our babies deserve to be spoiled! Thank you Saddlebox family.


I am so glad that I decided to sign up for the monthly boxes from SaddleBox! There is such a nice variety of items in each box and always some homemade horse snacks that are adorable!


An amazing subscription box with so much variety for horse and rider. You can tell the folks that run this company have a lot of heart and love what they do. We look forward to our SaddleBox each and every month!


Saddle Box is more than what I expected. The subscription was a gift for my daughter and her two horses. All three of them love the monthly surprises. Keep up the great job! This is one family that LOVES your service!


I got Saddlebox for my birthday and it's the best thing ever! Both my horses love it and I enjoy getting new surprises each month!


Love this idea so much that we have a monthly "Most Horsemanship" award in my barn and the winner gets the SaddleBox! Students really enjoy opening up the box and checking out the great items.


Hands down, the best horse related box out there!


Best "horse box" subscription we've tried so far! Love the sneak peeks for the next month! Myself and my 2 girls get so excited for that blue box!!! Keep up the awesome work!


I've signed up and received the saddle box from the beginning and have enjoyed every single product in the box . . . every single time! my gelding goes crazy for the treats and I can hardly wait to try the new products.


I love getting my Saddlebox every month. It's full of surprises. Like Christmas every month for my horse and me.


I seriously think they read my mind and know what I want to try! Every box has been full of wonderful products, including some amazing books. Definitely keeping this horse loving book worm and her horses happy!


This is one amazing company! Not only are the products so thought out and delightful BUT . . . they are a family owned small business and who doesn't love those?!


Just received my first box! And was very impressed with every product inside these boxes are very well put together very genuine feel to everything in it!


SaddleBox has enhanced and enriched the relationship my family already has with our equine partners. Such fun stuff, great quality, and so much for a great price. Thank you SaddleBox for making life even more fun with our equine family.


Very impressed with the first SaddleBox! Not only did it have items that my horse would enjoy, but there were things in there for myself as well. Those small details are what make SaddleBox that much better than its competitors. 😉