Testing Out Our August Horse Treats: Canter Cones!

Creating our own unique horse treats for each month’s SaddleBox is one of our favorite things to do, and the treats that will be featured in our August box are our favorite ones yet! Canter Cones horse treats are a delicious, decadent surprise that your horse will love. They’re made with sweet feed, applesauce, molasses […]

August SaddleBox Sneak Preview

The deadline to subscribe to SaddleBox and receive our August box is coming soon . . . don’t miss out on the great equine items our members will get in their next box! Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the things you’ll get: Canter Cones Horse Treats, a Jewel Tool Groomer, a 6-foot […]

SaddleBox Supports “Spurs for a Cure”

SaddleBox donates a percentage of its profits to horse rescue organizations at the end of each year, but we’re also proud to support other worthy causes that couple horses with charitable giving. We’re excited to announce that we’ve donated a three-month SaddleBox subscription to Spurs for a Cure, a charitable equine organization that raises money […]

Our July SaddleBox Has Shipped to Subscribers!

We’re excited to announce that our July SaddleBox went in the mail for subscribers today! Here’s a picture of one of our SaddleBox team members, Adam, with some of the boxes he helped us pack this month. We’re certain you and your horse will love everything you find in this month’s box. Full-sized leg polo […]

Get Your Epona Jewel Tool Groomer Curry Brush!

This just might be the best horse curry brush ever made, and our SaddleBox subscribers are going to get one in their August box! The Epona Jewel Tool Groomer is one of the most popular curry brushes on the market, and for good reason. A marked departure from the flat, inflexible curries of the past, […]

These Beautiful Horse Leg Polo Wraps Are In Our Upcoming Box

We’re so excited to let everyone know that our subscribers will be getting a pair of full-sized polo wraps from Painted Patterns Tack in their July SaddleBox! Leg wraps protect your horse from minor scratches, bruises and scrapes, and can also prevent irritation they might get from sand in the arena or outdoors. You can […]

These Awesome Equestrian Socks Will Be In July’s SaddleBox

As you know, SaddleBox doesn’t just send you fun stuff for your horse every month . . . we also include things just for horse owners! In July, one of those special horse lover items will be a pair of these amazing Epona Sterling Performance Equestrian Socks. These compression weave equestrian socks are the highest […]

Get This Beautiful Horse Neck Rope (Cordeo) In Your Next SaddleBox!

Have you ever used a neck rope (also known as a “cordeo”) to ride your horse without a bridle? Everyone who subscribes to SaddleBox in June will receive this beautiful handcrafted neck rope from Painted Patterns Horse Tack. This high-quality cordeo is a rope that goes around the horse’s neck and gives you the ultimate […]

Look for “The Horse of My Heart” in Your July SaddleBox!

We’re excited to announce that SaddleBox subscribers will find the celebrated book “The Horse of My Heart” in their July box! This inspiring collection of stories about horses and the people who love them will make you appreciate the special connection we have with our equine friends. In this heartwarming collection of stories edited by […]

Check Out All the Great Stuff in Our June SaddleBox!

It’s finally that time again: our June SaddleBox is going out to members this week! We’re giving you a peek inside the June box to see all of the great stuff our SaddleBox subscribers will be getting this month. Check out the video below to watch our official June unboxing . . . and don’t […]