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Making this the best year yet with your horse

Make This Your Best Year With Your Horse

The Best Year Yet Well here we are, about halfway through the first month of the new year. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for summer, and long days with my horses. But since I still have about 75 days until spring, I thought I would think about things that I can […]

how to tack up your horse faster

10 Ways To Make Tacking Up Easier

How To Make Tacking Up Easier I don’t know about you, but I find that I spend most of my time trying to find everything I need to ride, before I can actually ride. And this can be a big deal. If you have limited time to ride, you need to be able to make […]

how to build horse jumps

Building Your Own Horse Jumps (Part Two)

Back to Part One >> Building Horse Jumps (Part 2) Last week I shared with you the basics of building your own horse jumps. We covered the major part of a horse jump, building the standards. And this week we are going to finish what you need ot make your own horse jump. Building your […]

how to build horse jumps

Building Your Own Horse Jumps (Part One)

How To Build Horse Jumps I have been building my own horse jumps for about as long as I have lived in the house I do now. So that would mean I have been in the jump building business for the last 12 years. That seems like a long time ago when I write it […]

5 ways to bond with your horse

5 Ways To Bond With Your Horse

How To Bond With Your Horse I am sure you have seen the commercials, a perfect horse and rider team, capturing a perfect moment. Or The winning round at the NFR. We always see champion riders, and horses, and feel that this is the epitome of being bonded to our horses. Or we feel that […]

what to do when you can't ride your horse

10 Things To Do When You Can’t Ride Your Horse 

During the summer, there seems to be lots of different things we can do with our horses. But when the days get short, and the weather turns colder, it may seem like you have nothing you can do. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are a lot of things you can do when […]

homemade horse treats for gifts

Horse Treats As Gifts

Let’s Make Some Horse Treats! Because of Saddle box, we have been given a very unique opportunity to have many different recipes for making our own homemade horse treats. There is an entire page dedicated to different treats that you can make in your own kitchen. You have loads of choices when it comes to […]

Homemade chocolate sugar cookies

Horse People Treats For The Holidays

Chocolate Sugar Cookies For People For The Holidays The holiday season is officially here! The time has come to decorate, go shopping, and find the perfect gift for each person (and horse) in our family. And I am sad to say I am the only horse lover in my family. I have a couple of […]

hay is for horses

How Often Do You Feed Your Horse?

Coming Up With A Feeding Plan With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, and thinking about how much we tend to eat over the holidays, it made me start thinking about feeding my horses. How often should you feed? Is there a best practice model to follow when it comes to feeding horses? I don’t know about […]

DIY wooden grooming tote

The Best Horse Grooming Tools for Winter

My horses are busy filling in their winter coats. And while I am happy they turn into gigantic furry teddy bears over the winter, it does make grooming a little more challenging. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite grooming tools to tame their long winter fur. Hands On Grooming […]