Spring has sprung and it’s time to start prepping for the warmer months ahead! From travel, performances, shows, and rides to working hard in the pasture, the adjustment from winter to spring brings quite a few demands. No matter what your plans are this season, here are some tasks to check off your horse spring cleaning list!

Horse spring checklist

1. Schedule A Wellness Exam

Start the season in great shape by scheduling a wellness exam early on! This will allow you to tackle any issues before your busy season starts and potentially prevent any injuries or ailments from getting worse. Taking the time to do this now will set you and your horse up for a smooth transition into the season.

2. Get Spring Shots

This can most likely be done during the wellness exam. Horses can easily contract some pretty aggressive diseases even if they’re at home all season long. Since transmittable diseases are so common, it’s important to stay up to date on your horse’s shots. Now’s the perfect time to get spring shots, right before the bugs who transmit them start swarming by the masses!

3. Make A Conditioning Schedule

Planning ahead will keep you organized and give you a better idea of how much time you really have each week. If you kept a consistent work schedule for your horse through the winter, it’ll pay off this season. If not, it may take longer to build strength and endurance back up for long trail rides and high intensity workouts. Either way, planning ahead of time will keep you motivated and serve as a reminder when you have a lot on your plate.

Limit Grass Intake For Spring

4. Monitor Eating Habits

Horses have a tendency to over-eat grass in early spring, which can lead to laminitis if not monitored properly. It’s best to section off the pasture or keep your horse confined in a stall for part of the day to prevent over-eating. Another way to limit their grass intake is a grazing muzzle which is used to slow down consumption. Since different species of grass provide different nutritional benefits, it’s recommended to expose your horse to a variety of different types of grass. Hay is typically given during the winter months, which contains more fiber than grass. Provide your horse with hay during the spring to create a more balanced diet and a happier, healthier horse!

5. Clean Out Tack Trunk

Spring cleaning applies to horses too! Take time to clean out your tack trunk. See if there were any liquids that froze and thawed over the winter. They may be less effective, so you may need to replace them. Make a list of everything you’ll need this season, you’ll be thankful you did! You’ll likely be too busy to run to the store when you actually need it later on! Common items to have on hand are fly spray, tack soap, first aid supplies, horse shampoo, and other frequently used products.

If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, now’s the time to kick things into gear. The last thing you want is to fall behind and leave yourself with an overwhelming number of tasks to do in the thick of the season. Dedicating time to prep your horse for the spring now will guarantee a fresh start of a new season!