7 Different Horse Jumps With Only 3 Rails

horse jump ideas

Making Different Horse Jumps

If you are looking to jump your horse, you may think you have to spend a lot of money to buy jumps. But that isn’t true, you can make your own jumps more affordably than you can buy them. Even if you have to invest in tools, it will still cost you less than if you were to go buy a set of jumps.

But after you build your jumps, what type of jumps can you set up? Where do you begin? How many rails do you need? You could just set up an entire course of cross rails, but if you are going to be showing, you will probably encounter more than just cross rails at a show. So I thought it would be fun to share 7 different jumps that you can make, and each jump only uses a maximum of 3 rails. With just 3 rails, you can set up 7 different jumps!

And I made these jump rails out of 4 x 4 wood posts that were 10 feet long. With a circular saw, I was able to turn square posts into octagon shaped horse jump rails for about $12.00 per rail. I painted them with oil based paint, and then for a little extra bling, I used gold spray paint for some stripes. I am really happy with how beautiful the rails turned out, and wanted to get creative with making different jumps, so I thought I would share with you what I was able to come up with.

3 Rail Vertical

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Using all 3 rails, you can set up a vertical. You can make it an airy vertical, or keep the rails close together. It’ up to you, and what you are wanting to accomplish really.

2 Rail Vertical

horse jump ideas

Similar to the 3 rails jump, you can make a vertical with just 2 rails. Then if you wanted to, you could use the third rail for a ground pole.

Cross Rail

horse jump ideas

This is the easiest jump to set up. You only need one pair of jump cups and 2 rails.

Z Rail Jump

horse jump ideas

I love the way this jump looks! Using 3 rails you can make a type of airy vertical jump that looks a little different for your horse, and also will emulate what you may encounter in the show ring.

Tall Airy Vertical

horse jump ideas

This is something fun you can do using only 2 rails. Place the top rail up high, and then on one side using 1 jump cup, set the rail. Allow it to rest on the ground on the other side, and you have created a very airy vertical jump.

Cross Rail With A Top Rail

horse jump ideas

This one is fun too. First set your cross rail, and then place a rail higher from standard to standard. The cross rail portion will fill the jump, and then the top rail gives your horse the definition of how tall he needs to jump.

Starburst Vertical

making your own horse jumps

I love the look of this jump. It will challenge your horse, but also encourage him to stay in the center of the jump. It is easy to visualize the center, because of how the rails all converge in the center of the jump, making it easier for you, the rider, to guide your horse to the center of the jump.

How Many Jump Variations Can You Make?

I love coming up with different ideas of new jumps. And I also like using the down time of winter to refresh my jumping equipment and making sure everything is in good working order. By doing this when I can’t ride, it helps me to stay sane, not get the winter time blues, and then I won’t have to be doing this when the weather gets nice.

horse jump ideas

If you would like to see how I painted these rails, head on over to my blog, The Budget Equestrian. I walk you through step by step of how I painted these rails. It did take a couple of weekends, but I think the end result is really worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

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