The Best Gifts for Horse Lovers: A Complete Guide

Unique gift ideas for horse lovers

Finding the perfect gift for a horse lover in your life is easier than you think! Use this helpful guide for unique horse gift ideas (and a few practical options, too).

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Best gifts for horse owners guide
What’s the best gift for a horse owner? Check out these great ideas!

If any of your friends or family members ride horses (or are just huge horse lovers), there’s bound to come a time when you need to figure out what to buy someone who into the equestrian lifestyle.

But for non-horse people, navigating the world of equestrian gifts can be sort of . . . well, confusing. On more than one occasion, you may have asked yourself: what kind of gift does a horse lover want? (Or more importantly: what kind of gift does a horse lover actually need, anyway?)

Whether you’re shopping for a horse gift for a teenage girl, or a gift for a horse trainer, this list of gift ideas for horse lovers has got you covered.

Horse owner gift subscription boxes

Why give your favorite equestrian a present just once, when you could sign up for a horse subscription box that sends them fun gifts every single month? Here are some of the best monthly mystery boxes for horse lovers.

SaddleBox ($35 Per Month)

saddlebox horse owner gifts

The choice of equestrians around the world who want to spoil their horses with gourmet horse treats, tack and more! SaddleBox isn’t just our personal favorite (well, duh) . . . it’s also been gifted to thousands of horse owners of all ages, and sales help support horse rescue shelters.

(SaddleBox is a product from Chomp, which also specializes in chicken gifts, pig gifts and a luxury box called SpaDog.)

LaLa Horse ($39.95 Per Month)

LaLa Horse

The LaLa Horse subscription box features surprises for young horse lovers including toys, books, jewelry, stationary, and accessories.

The Feisty Filly ($45 Per Month)

The Feisty Filly

Subscribers of The Feisty Filly box will receive horse-related items like grooming tools, treats and supplements every month.

Pony Xpress Club ($59.95 Per Month)

Pony Xpress Club

Items like games, toys, snacks, crafts, books and more come in each horse-themed Pony Xpress Club box, focused on younger equestrians.

Gifts for teen horse lovers

Gifts for teen horse lovers
Did you know that teenage girls make up the highest percentage of horse riders in the United States and Canada?

One of the best things about riding is the friends you make at the barn. If there’s one thing that teenage horse girls love, it’s pictures with their BFF from the barn. What better gift for a teen horse lover than a personalized horse picture frame with their best friend from the barn, and their horses, of course.

Horse jewelry

Another fun horse gift for teen girls is horse jewelry. Necklaces with horseshoes, horse pendants, or horse themed earrings are among the best birthday presents for horse loving girls. Horse themed gifts like jewelry or equestrian t-shirts are perfect for teenage girls who don’t own their own horse yet, but want to show off their love of horses.

Need a Christmas present for a teenage girl who loves horses? Go for a horse phone case – they’re the perfect size and price for a stocking stuffer.

Horse gifts for kids

Horse gifts for kids
There’s just something about horses and ponies that kids love!

It’s no secret that little girls love horses. When it comes time to figure out what to get a kid that loves horses, you have a ton of options.

Books about horses for kids never go out of style. Classics like The Saddle Club, the Thoroughbred Series, The Black Stallion, and Misty of Chincoteague have been around for decades and generations of new horse loving kids are still reading them.

Horse Christmas gift

Creating a cartoon version of your child and their horse is one of the best birthday gifts for a horse loving kid you can buy. Custom horse cartoons, personalized on sites like Etsy, are easy to print and hang on a bedroom wall.

And, don’t forget about custom horse stickers. Create these fun horse stickers with a cute photo of their favorite horse or pony, so they can stick them on the inside their tack trunk or on school notebooks. Horse themed games for kids and collective figures like Breyer model horses are also popular Christmas gifts for girls that love horses and ponies.

Gifts for Horse Owners & Horseback Riders

Gifts for horse owners
When you own a horse, your favorite Christmas and birthday presents are always equestrian themed!

Equestrians love themed horse gifts. After all, can you really ever have too many horse supplies, horse treats, or horse clothing? But when you want something a little more personal for your friend who owns a horse (or is a regular horseback rider), here’s a little trick for picking the perfect horse gift: shop by color.

Horseback rider gifts

Every horse rider and horse owner has certain colors they use with their horse. For example pink polo wraps and matching pink saddle pads, or a blue halter and matching blue lead rope. You can narrow your search for horse gift ideas by shopping by color. Items like grooming brushes, bell boots, and lunge lines, all come in a variety of colors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a woman who rides Western, English, or just hacks around bareback riding for fun, all horse lovers absolutely adore belts. Traditional belts, belts with turquoise buckles, belts that dazzle like jewelry. When you’re looking for just the right kind of horse gifts for women, go with a belt, or two.

Personalized Horse Gifts

Personalized horse gifts
There are tons of great ideas for personalizing horse grooming tools, tack and more.

People who own and ride horses don’t just like horses, they love horses, and they love receiving unique horse gifts. Personalized gifts for horse lovers are guaranteed to be appreciated.

These days, Etsy is the go-to place for personalized horse gifts. Consider adding the rider’s name, the horse’s name, or the barn name to items like brushes, t-shirts, or saddle pads.

Horse grooming tack

If you’re looking for an extra special birthday present for a horse lover, go with personalized horse tack! Items like bridle tags, custom horse halters or custom halter name plates, a new stall name plate, or saddle cover with their name embroidered.

Purchase these custom horse gifts from online retailers like SmartPak or State Line Tack. If you’re thinking of buying a Christmas gift for horse lover that’s personalized, be sure to plan ahead. These items can take a few weeks to create.

Practical gifts for horse owners

Practical gifts for horse owners
Practical gifts aren’t as flashy, but horse riders will get more use out of them.

Sometimes the best gift for a horse lover is the practical one that they’ll use each and every time they’re at the stable. If you’re wondering what to buy for someone who loves horses – and also owns a horse – think everyday items like a saddle rack, a leather care kit for their tack, or a portable hanging saddle rack.

An essential piece of grooming equipment like body clippers, which are used year round, but always seems to disappear around the barn, makes a great Christmas gift for a horse owner. Horse owners will tell you that the perfect gift for horse lovers isn’t always the fanciest gift, but the one they’ll get the most use out of.

Funny gifts for horse lovers

Funny gifts for horse owners
Sometimes you have to laugh! Horse lovers have a sense of humor, too.

Custom horse socks are a thing, and these just might be the best funny horse gift ever. Having your friend’s horse’s photo printed on socks – or boot socks – is sure to be the most unique horse present they ever receive, and one they can’t wait to show off to their friends at the barn.

But, wait, there’s more! Themed horse treats like frosted horse Christmas cookies and horse donuts are sure to get a laugh at the barn. If you go with a Christmas horse gift theme, don’t forget to buy a horse Santa hat!

Gifts for horse trainers

Gifts for horse trainers
If you ask us, horse trainers and riding instructors can never get enough love!

Horse trainers provide guidance and support for students and clients of all ages. Whether you’re wondering what to get a horse trainer for Christmas, their birthday, or just a horse trainer ‘thank you’ gift for that time they really helped you and your horse, consider these unique horse gift ideas.

Horseback riding instructors put their barn name and logo on everything from saddle pads, to blankets, scrims, and stall guards. Embroidered saddle pads in barn colors make great gifts for horse trainers.

Horse riding instructor gifts

If you ride at a barn that competes in horse shows, once the show season is over, get everyone together for a group photo, or create a photo collage. Photos are a wonderful way to memorialize the end of the horse show season, and show your appreciation to your riding instructor.

Long hours are just part of the job when you’re a riding instructor. With that in mind, the perfect gift for your riding instructor could be a bottle of wine. What better way to help your riding instructor unwind at the end of a long day than with a bottle of wine?

If you’re short on time or just want to take the guesswork out, grab them a gift certificate to their favorite local tack store – or online retailer.

Gifts for the Horse Owner that Competes in Horse Shows

Horse Show Gifts
Equestrians who compete in cross-country, eventing, dressage, rodeo and other competitions are a next-level type of horse lover.

If the equestrian in your life is active on the show circuit, useful horse supplies like travel grooming bags, travel boot bags, and travel saddle bags will keep tack safe and secure in the horse trailer.

Equestrian gifts

Another thoughtful gift for a horse lover that shows is a professional photo from one of their performance rounds. There’s not a single equestrian that wouldn’t love this gift idea.

But, one of the best gifts for a horse rider that competes in horse shows or rodeo is showing up in person to support them. You’ll probably get a few bonus points if you bring along a few cold drinks and snacks too!

Secret Santa Horse Gifts

Secret Santa Horse Gifts
Don’t forget: horses deserve Christmas presents, too!

If you’re a horse owner yourself, or you’re a parent with a child in a riding program, chances are there will come a time, right around Christmas, when you’ll need to find a secret Santa gift for a horse lover.

Finding Christmas gifts for equestrians, even ones we may not know well, can be tricky. But if there’s one thing that all horse lovers share, it’s that they all tend to be a little old fashioned. While we may live in a digital age, the next time you need a secret Santa gift for a fellow equestrian, try horse note cards and stationery. These classic Christmas gifts are the perfect horse lover gift.

Home Gifts for Equestrians

Home Gifts for Equestrians
Horse decor doesn’t just make your home look beautiful . . . it shows your sophisticated side, too.

If you’re not quite comfortable buying a gift that can be used in the barn, equestrian home decor gifts are for you. Online retailers like the Stylish Equestrian offer fashionable barn-inspired home decor items like throw blankets, pillows, and kitchenware.