Get This Beautiful Horse Neck Rope (Cordeo) In Your Next SaddleBox!

Have you ever used a neck rope (also known as a “cordeo”) to ride your horse without a bridle?

Everyone who subscribes to SaddleBox in June will receive this beautiful handcrafted neck rope from Painted Patterns Horse Tack. This high-quality cordeo is a rope that goes around the horse’s neck and gives you the ultimate freedom for bonding with your horse while riding.


horse neck rope


Neck ropes aren’t just good for riding without a bridle. They also can help with groundwork, because they give you something to grab and gently guide your horse if you need to.

When you use a neck rope to ride rather than a bridle, you learn to bond with your horse and teach them to do what you want based on trust rather than forcing them. A cordeo allows you to form a better relationship with your horse that is built on mutual respect, instead of showing them that you are the boss.


We think you’ll love this neck rope that you’ll find in our July box, and hope you’ll sign up to become a member of our SaddleBox family!

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