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Naming your horse is one of the first — and most important — decisions you’ll ever make about your new equine best friend. Although many horses have names already when they’re purchased, it’s not uncommon to give a horse a new name or nickname to celebrate them becoming part of your family.

There are millions of horses in the United States, and many thousands of different names that have been given to them. Some are completely unique, but others are common and used for geldings and mares across the country. Just like there is with human baby names, horse names follow trends of popularity.

list horse names

Here’s a list of the most popular names for horses right now in the U.S.A. compiled by data from equine web sources. While the exact number of popularity for a given name might change slightly over the years, many of these horse names have been popular for decades and will probably continue to be commonly used for many more.

List of the Most Popular Horse Names

1. Bella

2. Alex

3. Lilly

4. Alexia

5. Fancy

6. Sugar

7. Lady

8. Tucker

9. Dakota

10. Cash

11. Daisy

12. Spirit

13. Cisco

14. Annie

15. Buddy

16. Whiskey

17. Chance

18. Blue

19. Molly

20. Ginger

21. Gypsy

22. Charlie

23. Ranger

24. Star

25. Willow

26. Lacey

27. Scout

28. Lucky

29. Ladybug

30. Ellie

31. Belle

32. Lucy

33. Rosie

34. Rebel

35. Cody

36. Jasper

37. Magic

38. Cricket

39. Cheyenne

40. Dash

41. Red

42. Bruno

43. Chief

44. Sunshine

45. Cloud

46. Dusty

47. Rose

48. Sunrise

49. Kid

50. Angel

51. Teddy