By Nicole Fava

There are horses, and then there are “heart horses.” A heart horse is a horse that you share a unique connection with. They are your greatest pride and joy . . . your equine soulmate.

heart horse soul mate
If you have a “heart horse,” then you’ve truly found a soul mate.

Your heart horse is that one horse that stands out to you more than any other, and in turn they leave the biggest hoof prints on your heart. Here are some qualities that might help you determine if you’ve found your heart horse!

1. Your Horse Always Comes First

You will prioritize your heart horse over anything else. That means you’ll show up to date night late, smelling like a horse with pieces of hay in your hair. Worth it.

2. You Know Everything About Them

A heart horse is a horse that you know like the back of your hand. You’ve taken the time to learn their quirks, likes, and dislikes. Some might consider your horse unpredictable, but to you, they’re predictably unpredictable!

3. They’re Stuck With You Forever

A heart horse is rarely one that you list for sale. But if you do sell them, there’s a good chance they will find their way back to you. What’s meant to be will always find its way back.

4. They Teach You Life Lessons

Some of our biggest life lessons can be learned from heart horses. They’re often the horses that challenge us the most, and are the most rewarding in return. They may have thrown you in the dirt more times than you can count, but hey, you’re learning the importance of perseverance, right?

5. They Complete You

Your heart horse is one that will make every bad day better. Chances are, they’ve been with you through some of the biggest highs and lows of your life. When you need an escape, your heart horse is standing at the stall door waiting for you. They are more than just a competition partner or a pet… they are your best friend!

If you’ve already found your heart horse, you are one of the lucky ones. And if you haven’t, I guarantee they will find you.