Paddock Paradise: Creating a Natural Habitat for Your Horse

Paddock Paradise is a horse management or boarding concept developed by Jamie Jackson of the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practises (AANHCP). Jamie spent time observing wild horses in the U.S. Great Basin to get a better idea of how they live. His time with the wild horses inspired him to create this horse keeping system.

paddock paradise horses

Paddock Paradise aims to give domestic horses an environment that mimics their natural habitat. The idea is to create the most optimal environment for health and soundness.

In the wild, horses roam across great distances. They tend to follow the same routes repeatedly to varying territories to meet all their requirements. Horses seek out water, roughage, rolling spots, different vegetation and other horses. As prey animals, they don’t linger long and are always on the move.

Narrow tracks in a Paddock Paradise

The Paddock Paradise emulates the horses’ natural pattern of movement by creating tracks in smaller spaces that trigger the instinct to keep moving. Interest points are created along the track for eating, hoof conditioning, rolling, soaking feet and varying terrain. The track also leads to wider grazing areas.

The system encourages the horses to keep moving and eat small amounts regularly as they would in the wild. The environment is stimulating and interesting for the horse. Imagine you are a herd animal and you have to stand alone in a small box all day long! So, if you think your horse may benefit from a horsey paradise head over to the AANHCP and learn more and discover how you can create your own Paddock Paradise.

The Paddock Paradise system has enabled domestic horse owners, that do not have extensive space, to create as an environment that is enriching for the horse, beneficial for their and health with a little ingenuity and creative use of space.  Take a look on you tube, many horse owners have shared their unique ideas and how they use their space.  It is lovely to watch how the horses enjoy it!

Till next time, may the horse be with you.

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