You might love horses so much you’d be content with one of every breed. While that probably isn’t in the cards, there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about the most popular horse breeds. Let’s take a look at the ones equestrians consider their favorites.

Most Popular Horse Breeds

1. American Quarter Horse

It’s the most popular breed in the U.S. and with good reason. These beautiful animals are agile, athletic and perfect for nearly all levels of riders. They’re also useful whether you’re simply riding for fun or competing at the county fair. This quarter horse also has the largest breed registry in the world.

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2. Arabian

One can trace the lineage of many horses back to the Arabian, as it’s one of the oldest breeds around and one of the most popular around the world. Arabian horses have a distinctive look – refined wedge-shaped heads, a broad forehead, large eyes, large nostrils and small muzzles. As such, they’re easy to spot.

3. Thoroughbred

You know this horse for its racing abilities. They sprint, jump and are regularly used in hunting. When they perform anything, they do it with maximum exertion, so they tend to have high accident rates and health problems. Millions of thoroughbreds exist around the world today.

4. Warmblood

This group includes the quarter horse and several other light breeds, such as Hanovarians, Trakehners, Cleveland bays, Canadians and more. These horses are known for their prowess as sport horses because they tend to be larger-boned.

5. Morgan

They’re relatively small, but they are popular riding and driving horses because of their versatility. Morgans are known for strength, elegance and ancestry that traces back to the foundation sire, Figure. It’s one of the oldest breeds in America with its beginnings dating to the earliest of New England days.

6. Appaloosa

This colorfully spotted horse was developed by the Nez Perce Native American tribe in the Pacific Northwest. It’s part thoroughbred, quarter horse and Arabian, and it’s often used as a stock horse or simply for pleasure.

7. Pony

A popular, cute horse that’s known for its shorter stature. They’re definitely less intimidating, which makes them a solid choice for those learning to ride. There are many different breeds, and compared to other horses they have proportionally shorter legs, wider barrels, thicker necks and shorter heads.

8. Tennessee Walker

This gaited breed is a regular pick for riders with knee or back problems due to the smoother ride. Its smooth gait offers a running walk that makes it comfortable for riding long distances.

9. Paint

Some consider this horse a color breed, but it’s really a true breed with a strict bloodline requirement and distinctive breed characteristics. This horse performs well in western disciplines.

10. Andalusian

This horse was first recognized in the 15th century. It was a war horse and, as such, prized by nobility. It has a long, thick mane and tail with a body that is strong and elegant. Andalusians are used today for dressage, driving and saddle seat.

What are the Most Popular Horse Breeds?