You won’t believe the amazing relationship this horse and trainer have


There are many great horse trainers out there — and you might even be one of them. But very few trainers develop this kind of unbelievable bond to their horses.

This horse trainer is named Miron Bococi, and he lives in Spain. Bococi, who was born in Romania, has been nicknamed “the Romanian Horse Whisperer.” When you watch this video, you’ll understand why.

Bocci has gained notoriety for the unique, unconventional way that he trains his horses. When you watch him, you’ll immediately see that in order to train a horse to interact this way, a trainer has to form a connection with the animal that goes far beyond what many of us are used to.

The electrifying horse shows that Bocci puts on show us just how magical the relationship between a trainer and a horse can be when they completely understand each other. Just amazing!

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